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Bulgaria Air

Bulgaria Air

Information about Bulgaria Air (Hemus)
Bulgaria Air was the state-owned national airline of Bulgaria which was taken over by Hemus Air in 2006. Bulgaria Air operates scheduled flights throughout Bulgaria and offers travel destinations throughout Europe. Photos, facts and information about the flights and airliners flown by Bulgaria Air (Hemus) for travel destinations for holidays and vacations.

Travel Destinations of Bulgaria Air (Hemus)
The travel destinations for Bulgaria Air include the following places:

  • Europe

Facts & Information about Airlines - Description & Definition
An airline, such as Bulgaria Air, is a commercial enterprise that provides intercontinental, regional or domestic air transportation for passengers via charter services or scheduled flights which are included in the Bulgaria Air air routes. Airlines, such as Bulgaria Air, may also provide Cargo services flying freight to various destination points.

Photos and Pictures of Bulgaria Air (Hemus) airliners and planes
The photos and pictures of airliners that fly under the banner of Bulgaria Air provide clear images of each aircraft and plane. Each airliner and plane is branded with the logo for Bulgaria Air and the logo is clearly visible from the gallery of pictures and photos of Bulgaria Air airliners that and can be accessed from the above links. All of our Copyright Free Pictures and Photos of Bulgaria Air airliners are in JPEG format and have been carefully sized and optimised to reduce the file size and computer download times. We are the sole copyright holders for the photos and pictures of the planes owned or leased by Bulgaria Air and these photographs may be freely used for educational purposes. Internet Use of any Airline and Airliners Pictures and Photos is Strictly Prohibited.

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LZ-BOM Bulgaria Air 737-31S


Travel Destinations, Holidays and Vacations
The reason of most flights run by Bulgaria Air are to transport passengers to chosen destinations for business purposes or holidays and vacations.

Fly with Bulgaria Air
Fly with Bulgaria Air for your favorite travel destinations, holidays and vacations.

Bulgaria Air

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